Hiking in Stirling

Solid coffee and sandwiches at Burgh Coffee, then hiked around Stirling University:

How to Get a Flat in the UK

Things I wish I knew about finding a flat in the UK that no one told me. It’s a competitive and expensive process–come prepared!

Moving all your money from Canada to the UK

If you’re moving from Canada to another country, you’ll want to move your money with you. Instead of relying on banks–which give awful currency exchange rates–use a currency trading company like I did.

Athens, Greece

Athens, a city surrounded by the sea and mountains, makes not only for a lovely weekend visit but a fantastic place to live cheaply for several months. It helps if you never want to sleep; Athens doesn’t.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city at odds with itself: a burgeoning tech scene but a fear of electronic payments; famed for beer yet full of imported lager.