(Theft) Insurance (is nonsense)

When my last bike was stolen: I had all but theft insurance.

When I was in an accident without collision, I had only theft insurance.

Now I finally started taking out comprehensive, but realised it’s just as brutal. I’ll be penalised for using the insurance despite my neighbourhood being the issue, not the theft. I’m not more likely to have another bike stolen from me, yet if I moved to a locked garage I’d still get punished for using the product I bought.

I won’t even get enough money back to cover the loss, never mind the new insurance, registration, etc.

I think the best thing I can do is get a locked garage and only ever buy third party insurance in the future. Bike gets stolen? Fuck it, buy a new one. Maybe I should only buy a motorcycle I can also already afford to replace. Theft insurance costs nearly that much anyway and is fucking pointless.

At least I can collect interest on the backup bike fund.